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    Properly maintaining HVAC systems is essential in order to to sustain acceptable Indoor Air Quality. Dirty HVAC systems harbor bacteria, fungi, mold, pollen, dust mites and other disease-carrying biological pollutants which are re-circulated through forced-air systems. Given the right conditions of temperature and moisture, these contaminants can flourish in ductwork and flow out into the work-space.

    As you can see in the before and after cleaning photos, various components throughout an HVAC system get soiled over time. Dirt typically originates at the air handler via the return ductwork and collects in the ducts, on the fan blades, coils, plenum areas and grilles. Service-Tech specializes in environmentally friendly, advanced techniques in HVAC system cleaning with contact vacuuming and source removal in air purification processes. This includes the use of High Efficiency (HEPA) vacuums and manual entry to access areas difficult to reach for a proper and thorough cleaning of the ductwork and all components.

    Supply Airduct


    Supply Air Ductwork

    Air duct cleaning: Supply air ductwork before and after mechanical cleaning

    Evaporator Coils

    Coil cleaning: Dirty evaporator coils impair cooling supply 

    Professional Cleaning of Coils

    Professional coil cleaning improves equipment efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    AHU cleaning

    AHU cleaning: After cleaning, this air handling unit consumed 35% less electricity.

    Fungicidal protective Coating

    Fungicidal Protective Coating

    Resurfacing of thermal acoustic fiber glass with fungicidal protective coating

    Fungicidal Protective Coating

    Roof cleaning: Power washing utilizing a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning formula effectively removes dirt and grease.