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    Guaranteed techniques in air duct cleaning


    Most cleaning companies simply vacuum as far as they can reach into air ducts; whereas, Service-Tech specialists use MANUAL ENTRY to effectively reach and clean those areas within your air ducts and HVAC system that are difficult to reach.

    hvac Where necessary, we cut access panels into hard-to-reach areas to assure you of the most thorough cleaning possible. Our vacuum cleaners feature a double filtering system to maximize dirt removal. High-efficiency HEPA vacuums are used where air quality is especially critical, such as in hospital environments.

    hvac Air handling equipment, including all fresh air intake and return ducts, heating and cooling coils, and fans are thoroughly WASHED to purge them of dirt and contaminants.

    Air diffusers, grilles and registers are thoroughly washed, and reset. Service-Tech has the expertise and commitment to thoroughness for 100% cleaning efficiency. We clean the proper way by using MANUAL ENTRY and the most effective tools, chemicals and techniques to give you nothing short of the best coverage and protection for your service dollars.


    Sanitizing: For added protection against bacteria, virus, fungus and mold within the HVAC system, Service-Tech can apply EnviroCON sanitizer to the interior surfaces of the ductwork and air handling equipment. * EPA-registered, EnviroCON is highly effective in preventing contaminants and leaves no toxic residue in the system.


    Surface Coating: Where fiberglass-lined air ducts or duct board are deteriorated or contaminated, a protective coating can be applied to prevent fibers from breaking loose and entering the air flow. Additionally, this coating contains an antimicrobial agent that provides long-term protection against the re-growth of mold and bacteria.

    * Not available in Michigan.

    Trained personnel using advanced equipment, cleaning chemicals, proven techniques

    Service-Tech uses its own team of certified cleaning technicians. They are trained to perform a variety of processes to clean thoroughly, safely and efficiently using proper chemicals, tools and techniques.  We use only the best chemical cleaning agents available which are  safe for your equipment.  We go the extra mile to protect what’s yours and earn your complete satisfaction. We carefully cover your materials, machinery and office equipment in areas being serviced and clean up upon completion, leaving the area as neat and as organized as before.

    Our technicians follow proper OSHA safety and other government regulations

    Fall Protection * Lock out / Tag Out * Confined Space * Hazardous Communication * Personal Protective Equipment * Respiratory Protection * Asbestos Awareness * Drug-Free Workplace

    Each job carefully planned and professionally supervised

    We strategically plan each project to be conducted efficiently and thoroughly with minimal interruption to your business operations. Experienced supervisors oversee every project to ensure all goes according to plan. They personally check on and inspect the entire cleaning effort for quality and completeness.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Our work is fully guaranteed and we are fully insured. You can count on Service-Tech Corporation.