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    aerosealWe Seal Air Ducts and Repair Air Duct Leaks


    Sealing ductwork yields energy savings and safer, healthier indoor environments.

    Sealing ducts is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality and enhance building pressurization. It also helps to ensure proper air balance, thereby reducing the risk of pollutants and contaminants from entering ducts and circulating throughout the building.

    Being a licensed provider of Aeroseal Duct Diagnostics and Sealing Technology allows Service-Tech to repair leaks extremely effectively and efficiently. A computer-controlled, patented process, Aeroseal detects and seals leaks up to 5/8 of an inch.

    The process pressurizes the duct system by temporarily blocking inlet and outlet points and injecting a vinyl polymer in vapor form that stays suspended in the air until it detects a leak. The sealant particles are gradually deposited in the leaks by the exiting air-stream as it bends and accelerates through the leaks. As the process continues, the particles begin to accumulate in the leaking cracks and holes until they are eventually sealed.

    Aeroseal Duct Diagnostics Sealing Technology


    A technician monitors the injection of a vinyl acetate polymer using a laptop computer. When the sealing is finished, customers receive a post-seal report and certificate showing the reduction in air leakage.

    With Aeroseal, Service-Tech has sealed ducts with as much as 40% leakage before sealing to less than 10%, and as low as 0%, after sealing.

    Click to read how one customer reduced air duct leakage by 94%! https://service-techcorp.com/computerized-tracking-shows-94-reduction-in-air-duct-leakage/



    Aeroseal process features:

    • uses a safe vinyl polymer
    • does not disperse lingering odors or off-gassing
    • does not coat ductwork or require cleaning before sealing (unless more than 1/8th inch of debris)
    • lasts more than 10 years

    Benefits of a sealing air ducts with Aeroseal:

    • save on energy consumption
    • reduce thermal loss
    • create proper air balance for greater comfort and safety
    • improve indoor air quality
    • avoid equipment overload
    • comply with codes

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    stc has received the National Air Duct Cleaners Association Safety Award for 19 consecutive years.