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    Prevent Contaminants & Scaling From Corroding Your Cooling Towers

    Over weeks and months, airborne dirt and debris collect and affix to different components of cooling towers. If not properly maintained, these deposits, along with the scum that accumulates, can cause blockages and corrosion which impairs the operating efficiency of your airflow system. This can lead to significant damage, even possible failure. Additionally, soiled cooling towers decrease the heat exchange efficiency and increase energy costs.

    Another critically important reason for proper cleaning and maintenance is to prevent the spread of bacteria including Legionella, known to germinate in cooling towers and other water sources. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommends cooling towers be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice a year — before the start of the cooling season and after shutdown in the fall.

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    Cleaning Tower Maintenance and Services

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    Cooling Tower Fan

    Screen-Shot-2018-02-15-at-10.52.41-AM-e1519314253306-207x300STC technicians apply manual agitation to soiled fan housings using pressure washing and chemical treatment, where necessary, to prevent growth of microbials and other contaminants.

    Cooling Tower Basin

    cooling tower cleaning Dirty, sludge-ridden basins are cleaned using high-volume flushing with proper draining to eliminate any clogging of the overflow drainage pipes.

    Cooling Tower Fill & Drift Eliminators


    STC technicians strategically remove buildup on the fill and drift eliminators with power washing and other appropriate methods. Chemical treatment is applied when necessary.