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    Reduce risk and enhance your facility’s appearance.

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    Keep your manufacturing facilities and warehouses safe and looking clean and bright. Our team of professionals provides expert interior plant cleaning, painting, and restoration services. Cleaning includes but is not limited to overhead structural steel, pipes, conduits, exterior ductwork, and light fixtures.

    Benefits from cleaning and painting overhead structures:

    Interior painting

    STC consults with leading manufacturers of coatings to be certain that the appropriate coating system is selected, as well as reliable materials for the structure’s intended use and exposure conditions. Also, surface preparation is reviewed with coating manufacturers in order to establish a cleaning protocol prior to painting.

    Our project managers work closely with each customer to understand their business and to establish a plan to accomplish the project with minimal disruption to the facility, its employees and work schedule. Plant equipment and machinery are fully protected during the cleaning/painting process. Those areas not included in the project will be isolated to protect against cross contamination.

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    stc has received the National Air Duct Cleaners Association Safety Award for 19 consecutive years.