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Cleaning Technician: Full-Time and Part-Time and Seasonal


JOB TITLE: Cleaning Technician LOCATION: Varies
FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt    
REPORTS TO: Office Services Manager    

GENERAL SUMMARY: Technicians are responsible for the professional cleaning of (but not limited to) HVAC systems, kitchen hood systems, industrial ovens, building structures, machinery and miscellaneous other areas


  • Height related
    • Climb ladders
    • Use of boom lifts
    • Use of scissor lifts
    • Climb regular stairs
    • Climb vertical stairs
    • Work on roof surfaces
  • Lifting and other activities
    • Lift equipment and tools from vehicle and on jobsite
    • Grasp and twist handles, tools, levers and materials
    • Attach hoses and tools to cleaning equipment
    • Crawl on hard surfaces
    • Operate switches and levers
    • Hand scrape and brush and wash with scrapers, hand brushes and rags with chemicals
    • Raise arms and hands above head to clean elevated surfaces.
  • Specialized equipment and procedures
    • Must be able to wear respirators
    • Must enter confined spaces
    • Must work with chemicals and in dirt contaminated environments
    • Operation of paint compression and hand painting supplies
  • Miscellaneous
    • Operation of company vehicles
    • Transportation by airline
    • Travel to other geographical areas
    • Require overnight stays
  • Follow policies and rules
    • Comply with all safety rules
    • Follow directions for the safe use of cleaners and other potentially hazardous materials
    • Inform supervisor of needs for supplies
    • Observe no smoking rules
    • Wear safety equipment as directed
    • Use seatbelts in vehicles
    • Observe no firearms, deadly weapons or dangerous ordinance anywhere on premise, in vehicles or on jobsites
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Much of work is performed in a dirty contaminated environment while exposed to noise and debris. Work may be performed in restaurants, offices, hospitals and industrial facilities. May be exposed to cleaning compounds that could affect those with allergies to cleaning products.


Must be able to read, see, hear, and speak. Sitting, standing, walking. Occasional stooping, bending, lifting and reaching. Must be able to lift, push, pull and move cleaning equipment, such as commercial sweepers and scrubbers, that could require exertion and lifting of more than 50 pounds. Must be able to carry trash containers safely.


General commercial cleaning equipment: sweepers, pressure washers, ice blasting machines, grinders etc.


Must have the ability to measure amounts, read and understand directions printed in English. Must be knowledgeable of what ingredients can be safely mixed together. Must have physical strength and endurance. A combination of education, training, and experience may be substituted when competency in the role is demonstrated. Successful performance on pre-employment tests is required.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job. The incumbent must be able to pass any required drug test and new hire physical examination. The incumbent must be able to maintain complete confidentiality of any information s/he encounters.


Requires a cooperative person with good interpersonal skills.

The Company reserves the right to revise and alter this job description as needed.