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    Industrial cleaning services entail a variety of factory, warehouse, and commercial maintenance for the health and safety of equipment and personnel. As a facility or maintenance manager, industrial cleaning should be a regular and scheduled part of building and equipment upkeep.

    Machinery and equipment that should be regularly cleaned and maintained include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Ovens (including food-quality ovens)
    • Exhaust systems
    • Overhead rafters and venting
    • Dust collectors
    • Server-room sub-floors
    • Silos

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    When Should I Have My Industrial Facilities Cleaned?


    Unfortunately, many maintenance managers are responsible for so many different aspects of their factory or warehouse that industrial cleaning easily gets overlooked. It is usually not until something goes wrong that cleaning services are actually performed. This is unfortunate.

    When a cleaning emergency occurs, you risk shutdowns, equipment failure, product contamination, worker unproductivity, and more. Often, because the places that need to be cleaned are usually unseen (e.g., within an industrial oven’s components or high up in the rafters near the vents), a simple visual inspection will not sufficiently diagnose your cleaning needs.

    Rather, it is best to have your industrial cleaning services performed on a schedule – usually quarterly or yearly and when scheduled shutdowns are occurring anyways.




    Combustible Dust Cleaning

    One of the most vital cleaning services in an industrial setting is the removal of combustible dust.

    As normal operations occur at your factory, fine particles of metals, woods, grains, chemicals, coal, plastics, sugar, paper, and certain textiles get kicked up into the air and accumulate on walls, pipes, ductwork, ceilings, and into exhaust systems. Over time, this dust builds up and becomes a fire hazard.

    The difficulty of staying vigilant about combustible dust build-up is often out-of-sight and out-of-mind. The places where it accumulates simply aren’t readily visible or accessible.

    As such, combustible dust hazards can be mitigated through two methods: (1) regularly scheduled cleaning and inspection maintenance, and (2) following workplace safety best practices.


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    Industrial Dust Collection Services and Maintenance

    Many factories and warehouses use dust collection systems to help prevent combustible dust buildup and keep allergens and carcinogens out of the air. However, over time, these systems will need maintenance as well.



    Dust collection systems transfer contaminated air from the workspace through the ductwork into a designated dust collection bin using a powerful fan to suck and collect dust into a replaceable bag. But once this bag fills up, it will need to be changed. And, like other areas of your factory or warehouse, dust will build up in the ductwork itself and may even require a technician to crawl into the ductwork and extract dust with a flexible vacuum.

    The best way to prevent major cleaning is, once again, to have regularly scheduled cleaning and inspection maintenance performed.


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    Industrial Oven Cleaning

    Another form of industrial cleaning is the maintenance of your ovens. Whether you’re mass processing food or using ovens to cure products or dry ink, your products can quickly become defective if they’ve gone through a dirty oven.

    This isn’t just a matter of surface cleanliness. As your ovens run, byproducts and condensation build up and get into the inner parts. Once this happens, maintenance can become difficult. Your ovens have sensitive components that can be damaged if not cleaned and maintained correctly.

    To clean your industrial ovens, you will need to have a specialized crew remove the panels and carefully remove product waste and condensation using various scraping, vacuuming, grinding, steaming, and pressure washing methods.


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    High Dusting Services

    Anywhere there’s a surface, there’s a place for dust to accumulate. Another often overlooked space is your warehouse, factory, and office ceilings. Again, it is hard to know when they need to be cleaned because they are so high up and often escape a visual check.

    But as dust accumulates, your workspace can get “sick” due to poor indoor air quality, which leads to employee sickness and lost labor hours.




    When you contract out a specialized industrial cleaning services team to clean your ceilings, they’ll remove not only the visible dust that has accumulated but they will also service the vents and fans that are too high up to be cleaned without professional equipment.


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    Data Center Cleaning

    Most commercial and industrial sites have a server room that houses data and communications pertinent to business operations and service. With all that hardware running, including the server fans, the temperature quickly escalates. To optimize airflow, these server rooms are designed with a sub-floor that serves as a giant air duct.

    Over time, however, this open crawl space accumulates dust and can put your data center hardware at risk.

    To clean a server room, the floor tiles must be removed so that a cleaning technician can access the floor and wipe down all the crevices underneath. This ensures that dust won’t get kicked back into the air and make its way back into your computer hardware, causing damage to invaluable data.


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    Industrial Cleaning Services

    The best approach to industrial cleaning is having regular maintenance services performed by the professionals you trust. At Service-Tech, facility and maintenance managers have trusted us for over 60 years to keep their equipment and people safe and healthy.

    We work with you to understand your business to apply customized cleaning and safety precautions that work with your schedule. You have enough on your plate as it is. Let us keep track of your maintenance so you don’t have to worry about an unforeseen cleaning emergency. Call and schedule a quote today.


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