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    To keep your warehouse or factory clean, you may have a dust collector that sits inside or outside the building. As airborne debris and dust gets emitted into the air from normal factory operations, your dust collection bag will fill up and need to be changed. Additionally, the ductwork leading to the dust collector can also become coated with dust and need to be cleaned as well as the dust collector filter as part of regular industrial cleaning services.



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    How Does a Dust Collector Work?

    Dust collectors are a unique way to keep your facility’s air clean by transferring contaminated air to a separate area inside the factory or a designated area outside the factory through ductwork that starts at the ceiling and leads to a dust collection bin. In this bin is a bag with a filtration system that catches the dust and other airborne debris. The dust collector has a powerful fan that pulls the air from the factory floor through the ductwork and into the filtration bag.


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    How Do I Know If My Dust Collector Needs Cleaning?

    The most surefire way of knowing if your dust collector is ready for cleaning is simply to go to the unit and check the bag. If it looks full, it’s time for a change. It’s important not to let it sit full for too long.

    Once a dust collection bag is full, it ceases to do its job. You will be able to see and feel this effect.

    Surfaces will become dirtier much quicker. You’ll feel a drop in air pressure in the building. More products will become contaminated and your equipment will experience performance issues. But not only that, the ventilation system, filters, and ductwork will become dirtier much faster, requiring even further cleaning.

    The best way to avoid going too long without a dust collector bag change is to keep your facility air maintenance on a schedule. That way, you don’t have to worry about your dust collection bag filling up unnoticed, causing further damage to facility equipment and products while you await a replacement.




    Dust Collector Cleaning Services from Service-Tech

    If you’re ready to get on a regular cleaning schedule, or even if you just need a one-time bag change and cleaning, Service-Tech is here to help. We’re NADCA-certified air professionals who specialize in industrial cleaning. Simply have your replacement bag ready, and we’ll take care of the rest. Schedule your free estimate today.


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