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    Contaminated air in your facility may be costing you. The Environmental Protection Agency lists poor indoor air quality as a significant public health concern. On average, these “sick buildings” cost the U.S. economy $168 billion yearly due to preventable premature equipment failures, losses in employee health and productivity through missed work, and even building fires due to combustible dust.

    As such, industrial cleaning services should be a priority for any facilities manager.

    Despite this, most sick buildings go undiagnosed. Many industrial and commercial buildings have high ceilings that make it hard to see dust accumulation. You may have a sick building and not even know it.


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    Why Overhead Cleaning is a Commercial & Industrial Necessity

    In commercial and industrial settings, high ceilings become a gathering place for dust and sediment that gets kicked up into the air as a part of normal business operations. The dust accumulates on the rafters and fans (both ceiling fans and vent fans) and becomes a natural culture for allergens and pests. This results in the creation of a negative feedback loop that compromises building air quality which can contaminate products and cause illnesses in workers. Or, worse, the dust is combustible and becomes a fire hazard that puts you facilities at risk

    Because visual inspections usually precede most cleaning services, high ceiling dust buildup usually goes unnoticed simply because it is too far up to be seen. Therefore, having regularly scheduled cleaning services is key to ensuring that dust and debris is regularly removed.


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    How to Clean & Dust a High Ceiling

    Overhead cleaning practices will vary based on the height of the ceiling. For best cleaning results, a lift or rappel is needed to get close enough to inspect the ceiling, rafters, and other surfaces visually. Once up here, a series of vacuuming and contact surfacing is primarily used, however, in some situations, hand wiping and even pressure washing may be required. The method used will depend on the type of commercial or industrial cleaning needed for your building as well as the contents above.




    In addition, complete high dusting services include maintenance of ceiling fans and ventilation fans. For ceiling fans, it’s as simple as wiping them down the way you would the rest of the ceiling. Rooftop ventilation fans, however, require that the service team disassemble, scrape, wipe down, and vacuum the blades and housing unit before reassembling.


    Service-Tech is your Industrial Ceiling Cleaner of Choice

    Without the right equipment and practices, high dusting can be as dangerous as letting your industrial or commercial building go uncleaned. When you have Service-Tech perform overhead cleaning on your facilities, you have NADCA-certified technicians working with the utmost safety to keep your people and your products safe and healthy.

    Along with other industrial cleaning services, our ceiling cleaning services include:

    • High-dusting
    • Combustible dust removal
    • Industrial ceiling cleaning
    • Overhead cleaning

    Ready to schedule your first maintenance appointment? Reach out to us for a free estimate and we’ll help you make even the hard-to-reach-and-see places free of dust buildup and contamination.

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