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    If you’re noticing contamination in your factory’s food products or defects in your manufactured goods, a dirty industrial oven may be to blame. As your oven has extended use the food, graphite, condensation, and other baked elements inevitably make their way into its inner parts.

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    Signs Your Oven Needs Cleaning

    In a commercial or industrial setting, a variety of ovens are used for baking food products in mass or curing the ink on manufactured goods, as well as in other purposes. As these ovens are used, condensation builds up and excess product like food and graphite makes its way into the oven machinery.

    These are hard-to-reach places and often you will not know they need cleaning until you notice the food and manufactured products you put into your oven beginning to become defective.

    As such, to avoid these product damages, having regularly scheduled maintenance is optimal. Depending on use, manufacturers need their ovens cleaned quarterly or yearly. Waiting too long to clean can lead to lost revenue due to damaged products.




    How to Clean an Industrial Oven

    Professional oven cleaning service teams will use various methods and chemicals to clean your ovens. These will be dependent on the type of oven you have and the types of products you bake in them. For example, certain chemical cleaners may not be suitable for food ovens, or a specialized chemical may be necessary to remove the buildup of a certain graphite waste from a manufactured product.

    Your service team will need to remove the panels from the oven to access the various components that have gathered product waste and condensation. Various scraping, vacuuming, grinding, steaming, and pressure washing will be necessary on the oven components to get them fully cleaned.

    NOTE: Industrial ovens have sensitive components that can be damaged if not cleaned and maintained properly. DO NOT attempt to clean your oven in-house without a specialized and experienced crew.


    Once cleaned, your service team will reassemble the oven and it will be ready for use again.


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    Professional Oven Cleaning Services from Service-Tech

    With industrial ovens, you can’t afford to not service them properly. These are powerful and complicated pieces of equipment that are the lifeblood of your manufacturing process.

    Service-Tech services a variety of industrial ovens, including:

    • Inside Bake Ovens
    • Curing Ovens
    • Batch Ovens
    • Conveyor Ovens
    • Pin Ovens
    • Wicket Ovens

    We specialize in industrial cleaning services like industrial oven cleaning and can provide you with regular cleaning maintenance of all your factory equipment. Reach out to us today for a free quote and get your ovens back to optimal performance.


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