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    Your data center houses some of your office's most expensive equipment. Not only that, the information stored on these server racks is invaluable to your business and your customers. Simply put, mass hardware failure would incur an incalculable cost to your revenue and your reputation. One of the most common causes of data center hardware failure is overheating due to poor airflow.

    Your business must schedule regular data center cleaning services to prevent critical hardware failure.




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    Data Center Floor Cleaning Prevents Overheating

    With all that hardware running, your server room gets incredibly hot, so having clean airflow is pertinent to prevent overheating and server failure. As the room heats up from the hardware, individual fans will run to cool it down, but your entire computer room has a sub-floor made for more conducive airflow as well.

    With all of these fans running, dust builds up over time and will need to be removed in order to maintain optimal airflow. When you call in a data center cleaning service team, they will remove the floor tiles to access the sub-floor. This is where the dust settles and fresh air comes in and out. Essentially, the subfloor acts as the room’s ductwork.


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    Once the floor tiles are removed, they will use special vacuums to extract the dust and wipe down all crevices in-between to ensure dust isn’t getting kicked back up into the air and making its way into your server hardware.

    Note the difference between a dirty and clean sub-floor below:





    The visible dust can eventually make its way back up from the subfloor and into your hardware components. Removing this dust reduces the risk of hardware malfunction due to overheating. Additionally, your cleaning team will take time to wipe down visible dust on your exposed hardware. 


    Service-Tech is Your Data Center Cleaning Company of Choice

    At Service-Tech, we understand how vital clean air is to the integrity of your computer hardware. It’s why we service your server rooms with NADCA-certified professionals who implement only the best practices for data center cleaning. It's part of the complete industrial cleaning services we provide.

    Ready to get your computer sub-floor cleaned? Contact us for a free estimate and schedule regular cleaning services for your data center.


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