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    PreK's to Ivy League Universities are all struggling with how to open their facilities safely for students and staff alike. One of the biggest factors is indoor air quality (IAQ) and its role in preventing the spread.

    A building's IAQ is nearly always determined by the quality of its HVAC system, especially its level of cleanliness. It's not uncommon for 40% of a system's fresh supply air not to make it to its intended space due to substandard conditions (i.e. dirty ducts). In this case a major university requested Service-Tech clean over 150 bathroom exhaust systems in the university's student housing. See the before and after pictures below.

    CWRU Bathroom Exhaust Before and After


    Why bathroom exhausts?

    It's important to remember HVAC systems require a push (supply) and a pull (exhaust) to function properly. In this case, you have very dirty exhausts (these are college bathrooms after all) so if the current air is not exiting as it should the fresh supply air will go to other areas: between walls and above ceilings. As a university the last thing you want to happen is the dorm's small bathrooms to become a COVID-19 hot spot because of poor air flow!

    Service-Tech is proud to support schools, offices, retail, restaurants, and many others as they safely reopen. If you are in need of this kind of support please reach out.

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