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    Whether you sell, use, or maintain a dust collector, eventually, it will need to be serviced. Sometimes this requires simple fixes like bag changes, but other times maintaining your filtration unit can entail in-depth cleaning of the entire system. In these situations, you’ll need an industrial cleaning services partner to ensure your dust collector is properly maintained.


    Dust Collector Maintenance Services

    The most common form of dust collector maintenance is simply changing the filter bags. The bags fill up as air is cycled from the manufacturing area into the dust collector. Regular bag changes are crucial for your operations as the collector ceases to do its job once filled.

    Changing the bag usually entails calling an industrial air cleaning company or getting help from the manufacturer. If changing the bag doesn’t fix the dust collector’s performance, other forms of maintenance are likely needed.

    If something is mechanically broken with the collector, you’ll want to reach out to the manufacturer for repairs. But if maintenance is needed outside of a simple bag change, there’s a good chance you’ll need other services performed on the ductwork connected to the dust collector.

    If the dust collector needs maintenance, the ducts and vents connected to the airflow system will likely need cleaning. In these cases, you’ll want to reach out and partner with a trusted industrial hygienic team to ensure all airflow systems have been checked and cleaned.


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    Dust Collector Preventative Maintenance


    So what can be done in advance to prevent a dust collector from breaking down or needing premature repairs?

    For starters, the more a facility’s air quality is maintained with regular cleaning services, the less frequently you’ll need to repair the airflow systems. This is true of all industrial machinery. The more frequently you clean, the less frequently you fix.

    For dust collectors, preventative maintenance can be as simple as regularly cleaning the fans, ducts, and vents in the factory that channel air to the dust collector. The more regularly the entire system is cleaned, the less regularly you’ll need to perform maintenance on your expensive machinery or have quality control concerns.




    Service-Tech: An Industrial Hygienics Specialist for your Dust Collector and Factory


    A dust collector is a specialized piece of airflow equipment vital to the air quality of your factory as a whole. As such, how well it performs impacts the well-being of your facility's machinery and airflow systems.

    Whether you manage a factory, sell dust collectors, or simply work on them, cleaning a dust collector is rarely a job restricted to the dust collector alone.

    At Service-Tech, we work with dust collector vendors and factory managers alike to ensure the performance and cleanliness of your dust collector and your factory as a whole. We work with you as a close and trusted partner with decades of experience in the industry. So whether you need a simple bag change or cleaning maintenance performed on the rest of your facility, we have you covered.


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