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    The video below demonstrates how effectively hot water pressure washes away dirt and grease from the filters of a restaurant’s kitchen hood. Restaurants and cooking operations are required to follow specific processes and protocols established by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) in maintaining their kitchen exhaust systems. Dirty filters impair air flow and can damage other components in the hood and the exhaust fan – all of which can increase chances of a grease fire.   

    Service-Tech technicians are trained to comply with NFPA standards and are certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA) to inspect and clean all components and ductwork in kitchen exhaust systems including the interior surfaces of the hood, filters, ducts and exhaust fans. During our service of kitchen exhaust systems, we also check for possible blockages and verify louvers and dampers are functioning properly.



    1. 1. Improve ventilation for smoke and odor removal
    2. 2. Decrease risk of fire
    3. 3. Minimize product contamination
    4. 4. Comply with fire and health codes
    5. 5. Save on energy
    6. 6. Enhance safety and working environment for kitchen staff
    7. 7. Improve government inspection ratings
    8. 8. Enhance public image

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