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    cooling tower maintenance

    Cooling towers:
    Small holes leak large amounts of water

    It’s a good thing Service-Tech inspected and cleaned this cooling tower at a large hospital because we discovered a nickel-size hole in the basin causing costly amounts of water to escape. To resolve the problem, we prepared the area surrounding the hole, then installed a patch with materials corresponding to those in this particular system.

    With proper maintenance and repairs, facilities can extend the life of their cooling towers. We’ve saved numerous customers from having to replace their systems by applying a number of different cleaning and restoration techniques for the different components in a system, including fans, spray nozzles, basins, and fill and drift eliminators. 

    In addition to keeping cooling towers running longer, proper care assures they operate efficiently. A soiled system requires other equipment at the facility associated with the cooling tower to have to work much harder, increasing energy costs. Clean systems also prevent contamination, such as the spread of Legionella bacteria which is known to germinate in cooling towers and other water sources.

    While some cooling towers require more frequent cleaning due to continual operation throughout the year, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommends most systems be cleaned and disinfected twice annually.

    Spring is just around the corner. Be sure your systems are good to go. Now’s the time to schedule your cleaning and maintenance. Click to learn more about our cooling tower cleaning maintenance.




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