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    HVAC system containment area in office building


    Our technicians recently built a 10-foot by 10-foot containment area in the offices of a law firm in Florida prior to cleaning the building’s HVAC system. This temporary solution served to keep the servers running in order to maintain normal business operations during the three days it took to clean and restore the HVAC. If the servers had to be shut down, the office manager estimates the law firm would have lost $500,000 to $1 million in revenue per day!

    We frequently work with building owners and plant managers to create solutions to prevent disruption to the normal workflow. In some situations — like laboratories or pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants — it is critically important to sustain specified temperatures to protect food or medicines.

    Service-Tech stages equipment set-ups for a number of different situations that call for temporary heating and cooling, even lighting.

    Maintaining normal operations is a universal concern for businesses. Nobody wants to stall or shut down production during the necessary repair and service of heating and cooling and other mechanical systems. So we work with customers to find creative solutions according to their particular situation to keep things running efficiently.

    Paul Keller Jr
    Project Estimator/Sales

    service tech corporation


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