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    energy savings analysis sheetAn energy savings analysis on one of the AHUs serviced by Service-Tech at a hospital in Clearwater, FL indicated an energy improvement of 186% and energy savings of 65%.

    Service-Tech Corporation recently cleaned and serviced 10 air handling units (AHUs) at a Florida hospital. In doing so, our technicians conducted a formulated energy savings analysis to measure the performance of each unit before and after cleaning. The analysis uses a scientific formula to measure changes in temperature, humidity, enthalpy and overall energy improvement of the AHUs.

    Of the 10 units cleaned, energy savings ranged from 5% to 75%, averaging more than 30% which correlates with HVAC industry studies of energy efficiency. (Research conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric found that a dirty condenser coil can increase compressor energy by 30 percent).

    To clean the AHUs, STC technicians used an environmentally safe process to dissolve the buildup of debris wedged in the coils. Removal of debris increases airflow for greater energy efficiency, as well as sanitizes the coils for improved indoor air quality.

    Bottom line: The hospital projects it will save 40% on air conditioning costs over the next year. Obviously, this represents significant savings to our customer. You can save too by scheduling the cleaning and servicing of your equipment!

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