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    duct door installationOne of our technicians installs an access door to this metal ductwork making it much easier to access the interior for future cleanings and inspections. Access doors are a wise investment because they save time (and therefore money) in cleaning and inspecting air ducts. And they are required by many states for fire and smoke damper inspections.

    Facility and maintenance managers should be familiar with the testing and fire damper regulations required by their local and state government. For example, in Ohio, regulations regarding access to duct systems, according to the Ohio Administrative Code (Chapter 4101:2-6, section 607), call for the following:  

    607.4 Access and identification. Fire and smoke dampers shall be provided with an approved means of access, large enough to permit inspection and maintenance of the damper and its operating parts. Dampers equipped with fusible links, internal operators, or both shall be provided with an access door that is not less than 12 in. (305 mm) square or provided with a removable duct section in accordance with NFPA 80.

    Besides providing regulatory compliance, access doors assure building owners/managers that the components will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned since air duct cleaning contractors can reach the air return and supply ducts, and other hard-to-reach areas.

    Access doors are especially important for buildings containing metal ductwork which usually requires more frequent cleanings and inspections. Types of facilities typically constructed with metal ductwork or require more regular cleanings for various reasons include: hospitals, manufacturing plants, Food and Drug Administration buildings, pharmacies, marine vessels and schools.

    Access doors are designed for compression to prevent any escaping air. Many different types of doors are available to fit rectangular or round ducts, insulated or uninsulated, and high-temperature applications, etc., and can be customized to accommodate unusual ductwork configurations.

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