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    A few weeks after we posted a blog on the importance of routine maintenance (“Basic measures resolve bigger challenges”), we’ve seen a few high-profile situations that drive home the point: facilities that are not properly cleaned and maintained will likely face larger problems down the road.

    First, Jeni’s — the ice cream phenom — shut down, reopened and quickly shut down again because of evidence of listeria bacteria. Inspectors traced the bacteria to unsanitary conditions including dust and debris on fixtures and air ducts near food preparation areas. Soon after the Jeni’s catastrophe, legionella bacteria were discovered in the hot-water system at the Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus where nearly 4,000 go to work every day. Authorities had to shut off the hot water.

    Cooling towers and other water sources are known to be a source for legionella bacteria (Legionnaires’ disease) so it’s critically important to have them properly cleaned and maintained along with other areas of your buildings as part of your annual maintenance programs.

    We urge you not to neglect your facilities; don’t allow any type of contamination to occur. If you would like to learn more about how to keep your buildings clean and safe, please contact us. We’re here to help.

    STC Leadership Team


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