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    Servicing fiberglass-lined ductwork is a delicate process due to the possibility of glass particulates dislodging and escaping into the HVAC system, putting building occupants at risk. In this blog, we show you how professional cleaners meticulously clean this ductwork to ensure clean, healthy air for all building occupants.

    Cleaning Fiberglass in HVAC Systems

    To prevent fiberglass dislodgement during the cleaning process, highly trained HVAC service technicians use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air-filter) vacuums to safely and properly clean fiberglass-lined ducts. After removing debris and contaminants from the fiberglass, they can apply a coating, if needed, which prevents fibers from fraying or loosening and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

    In addition, the sealant creates a bond with the surface of the ductwork to further prohibit particles from entering the airstream. In addition, these antimicrobial coatings can also be applied to bare metal surfaces of unlined metal ductwork for long-term fungicidal activity with no loss of activity on aging.


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    Restoring Fiberglass-Lined Ductwork

    Here is an example of restored fiberglass-lined ductwork at a hospital in Northwest Ohio. Here's the difference in the duct before and after certified technicians cleaned, repaired, and sealed it with a fiber-lock coating.



    Before fiberglass ducts were repaired and cleaned. The damage and danger is clear.



    Here is that same duct after the fiberglass was restored, including a fresh coating to preserve the AC ducts and prevent the growth of containements.


    Restoring Fiberglass-Lined Ducts Saves Money over Replacing Them

    Before new technologies were developed to safely clean and restore fiberglass-lined ducts, these systems were either replaced with new ductwork, or the damaged insulation was removed and replaced with new insulation at a significant cost. Fortunately, these systems can now be restored.

    Fiberglass-lined or not, preventative maintenance is always recommended for all ductwork. The best way to ensure proper airflow and indoor air quality is to follow a regular maintenance schedule.

    Need your fiberglass-lined ductwork cleaned or refurbished? Call the certified professionals at Service-Tech for a free estimate.

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