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    Before  cleaning…
    dirt and dust accumulated in the air ducts of this HVAC systemAs you can see from the top photo, a lot of dirt and dust accumulated in the air ducts of this HVAC system at a county courthouse in Florida. Service-Tech was contracted for HVAC microbial renovation after Hurricane Irma to prevent poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in the building. Soiled ductwork harbors microbial growth and negatively impacts the quality of air people breath, so don’t neglect your systems. Be sure they are properly cleaned and service.

    …after cleaning

    clean duct in HVAC systemService-Tech specializes in environmentally friendly advanced techniques in air duct cleaning with contact vacuuming and source removal in air purification processes. This includes the use of High Efficiency (HEPA) vacuums and constructing containment areas to assure safe conditions. Additionally, while most HVAC cleaning companies simply clean as far as they can reach into the ductwork, we work our way into the ducts, and where necessary, install access doors to allow for complete cleaning inside and of all the system components.

    As we did with this system, we often apply EnviroCON for added protection against bacteria, fungus, and mold. An EPA-registered sanitizer, EnviroCON has proven to be highly effective in preventing the growth of contaminants while leaving no toxic residue.

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    Paul Keller Jr.
    Project Estimator/Sales/Florida and Southern U.S.
    Service Tech Corporation



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