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Computerized tracking shows 94% reduction in air duct leakage!

Wow! This report indicates 94.4% less leakage in the air ducts of this Ohio hospital after Service-Tech sealed the ductwork using Aeroseal Duct Diagnostic and Sealing Technology. Aeroseal is a computer controlled, patented process that detects and seals leaks from the inside out. As a licensed provider of Aeroseal, we’ve seen some pretty amazing results where indoor air quality, building pressurization and energy efficiency are significantly improved.      

With this technology, the sealing process pressurizes the duct system by temporarily blocking inlet and outlet points and injects a vinyl polymer in vapor form that stays suspended in the air until it detects a leak. The sealant particles gradually deposit into the leaks and accumulate in cracks and holes until they are eventually sealed.

Our technicians monitor the injection of the vinyl polymer using a laptop computer. When the sealing is complete, customers receive the results on a certificate with data comparing the leakage rate of the ductwork before and after the sealing treatment.

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