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    toilet exhaust sytem duct before and after cleaning
    A toilet exhaust system before and after STC technicians removed debris


    A large Midwest hospital was experiencing air flow imbalances on the floors of its patient rooms but didn’t know why. It wasn’t until a major remodeling project of the patient rooms that the source of the problem was discovered -- the toilet exhaust system had collected a gross amount of debris and contamination. This is not uncommon. Because of the daily linen changes in patient rooms and the amount of activity in a hospital environment, a significant amount of lint and dust collects in toilet exhaust systems overtime and begins to restrict the air flow.

    Service-Tech technicians removed the dirt and debris of the hospital’s toilet exhaust system by accessing the ductwork at strategic locations. Utilizing a combination of air pressure, vacuuming and rotary brushes, our crew got the system clean and working efficiently again.

    Avoid buildup of contaminants and air flow imbalances in your building or facility by scheduling regular cleaning and service of your exhaust systems. Give us a call!

    Greg Lint
    National Sales Manager

    service tech corporation


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