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    AHU before and after cleaningWhat a difference! As evidenced on the left, this air handling unit (AHU) at an Ohio food manufacturing plant, was pretty nasty before Service-Tech got to it. Don’t put off having your systems cleaned and serviced. When neglected, soiled air handling units (AHUs) can wreak havoc.

    They harbor contaminants and expel pollutants throughout the ductwork in buildings. And dirt and debris hinder systems’ operating efficiency, resulting in higher energy costs. Additionally, corrosion can cause a malfunction which could lead to other problems.

    To tackle cleaning this soiled AHU and others at the facility, our technicians secured polyethylene sheeting over the return and supply ductwork openings on the roof to prevent the risk of any cross-contamination entering the building.

    Then to access selected areas of the units, they removed the dampers and louvers after clearly marking them for precise repositioning. Our cleaning processes included wet/dry vacuum to remove the bulk of debris, followed by application of a biodegradable cleaner and degreaser of the interior surfaces of the AHU. Our crew power-washed all surfaces including the coils and blowers. A fungicidal substance was applied where necessary.

    Spring is a great time to have equipment throughout your facility cleaned and serviced.
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