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    For good reason, all of us at Service-Tech Corporation are huge fans of Aeroseal — the innovative technology that detects and seals leaking air ducts. Aeroseal Duct Diagnostic and Sealing Technology is an extremely effective, patented process which seals leaking air ducts from the inside out. Computer controlled, the sealing process puts escaping air under pressure, causing polymer particles to stick to the edges of a leak and then to each other to seal it.

    As licensed providers of Aeroseal, we’ve seen some pretty amazing results where indoor air quality, building pressurization and energy efficiency are greatly improved. The case study below illustrates what a difference Aeroseal made at an Ohio crime lab, much to the relief of the county engineers and building occupants.

    CASE STUDY: Odor from decomposing bodies permeated the Miami Valley Autopsy Lab and its adjacent offices; Aeroseal saved the day for engineers and building occupants.

    When decomposed bodies are found in Ohio’s Montgomery County, they wind up at the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab for autopsy. For years, occupants of the three-story facility knew whenever a new body arrived because the strong smell of the rotting corpses would permeate the building. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of years trying to solve the problem, nothing seemed to work. Replacing the HVAC system didn’t work. Nor did installing high-efficiency fans, adding an exhaust system incinerator, insulating the walls or any other strategy.

    Finally, the third engineer entrusted with solving the dire problem saw an episode of PBS’s, “Ask This Old House” that included a story on Aeroseal technology, a duct sealing process that seals leaks from the inside of the ductwork. He finally found an answer to the problem.

    In Brief

    air duct leakage before and after




    Building: Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab

    Location: Montgomery County, Ohio

    Aeroseal Contractors: Service-Tech Corporation

    Goal: Improve ventilation / eliminate odors

    Before Aeroseal: 988 total CFM of leakage

    After Aeroseal: 43 CFM of leakage

    Results: 96% reduction in leakage; elimination of any migration of odors throughout the building

    Once hired, it took Service-Tech just two days to completely seal the supply and exhaust ductwork using Aeroseal. Temporary access holes were cut into the ducts, and the aerosol-based sealant was blown into the ducts’ interior.

    The microscopic particles of sealant do not coat the walls of the ductwork but instead, stay suspended in air until they come across a leak. At this point, they accumulate around the edges of the leak and then to other sealant particles until the entire hole is sealed.

    The final report generated by the computer-controlled Aeroseal system showed a 98% reduction in leakage. More importantly, the facility director – and the building’s other occupants – declared the problem 100% solved!

    Project Assessment  

    “I knew we had leaks in the ventilation system that allowed the spread of odor throughout the entire building, but there was no way we could access and seal the ductwork without completely tearing down the entire structure. Over several years, we spent well over a hundred thousand dollars in new equipment and outside consultants trying to solve the problem, but nothing worked. Then we tried Aerosealing, and the problem was solved.

    “I wish all of our projects went this fast and smooth. The Service-Tech team was in and out in just a couple of days. The fact is, any ductwork that has been installed a while ago has leakage issues. I’m looking at Aerosealing the ductwork throughout many of our facilities.” — Bill Epperson, Associate Engineer, Montgomery County Government

    “Aerosealing the ductwork not only solved our critical ventilation issue, but it allowed us to lower fan speeds while increasing HVAC efficiency. There is no doubt that the duct sealing process had a significant impact on reducing energy usage and saving the county money.” — Jeff Hatton, Energy Management, Montgomery County Government

    Aeroseal – The Technology

    •  Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1994.
    •  Research for Aeroseal technology was partially funded by the U.S. Department of    Energy.
    •  Aeroseal is the only duct sealant technology that is applied from the inside of the duct system. It is delivered as a non-toxic aerosol mist that seeks out and plugs leaks.
    •  Aeroseal has proven to be 95% effective at sealing air duct leaks.

    For more information about Service-Tech’s Aeroseal air duct-sealing services, visit our website http://www.service-techcorp.com/air-duct-leakage-repair/ or contact: Chris Aiple at caiple@service-techcorp.com. 800.298.8953

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