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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

For frequently asked questions regarding our Residential Air Duct Cleaning

STC cleans the entire system safely and effectively.

At Service-Tech, we've been combating indoor air pollution for more than 52 years, using methods superior to others. While most cleaning companies simply vacuum far as they can reach or use only air pressure, we use contact vacuuming and mechanical brush systems to remove dirt from the entire system.

STC employs the finest air duct and HVAC system cleaning professionals in the business. Our certified technicians are fully trained and equipped with the necessary tools, techniques, and cleaning substances. We follow NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) specifications so that you receive the highest quality of service possible.

Did you know that cleaning lightly solied systems and changing the filters can result in energy savings of 11% and up to 30% for heavily soiled systems? source: NADCA

Our Source Removal Techniques are standard in our pricing and superior to methods used by many other companies.     

Service-Tech technicians use manual entry with contact vacuuming in order to most effectively clean the dirt from the surfaces of the ductwork, including the louvers and dampers. The interior of all accessible ductwork is cleaned with a high-efficiency particulate air-filter (HEPA) vacuum.

Access openings are cut into ductwork and prefabricated sheet metal cover plates installed, where necessary. This allows us to access all the ductwork for cleaning and inspection. When finished, these cover plates are fastened with sheet metal screws and sealed to prevent air leakage. During the entire process, STC protects your home with negative pressure within the duct system and clean drop cloths and other suitable coverings outside the system. 

Included in STC estimates at no additional charge:

  • All supply and return ductwork (hot and cold air) is cleaned and inspected.
  • Air handling equipment (the furnace) is washed to purge dirt and contaminants. This includes heating coils, cooling coils, fan blades and housing, filter section, dampers, and plenum walls.
  • Air diffusers, grilles and registers are thoroughly washed and put back into place.
  • Ceiling and walls surrounding diffusers, registers and grilles are vacuum cleaned to remove dirt accumulation.

We offer the option of video inspection upon request.


STC has received the National Air Duct Cleaners Association Safety Award for 17 consecutive years.